Kitty Joe Wash

Water flows in and out. Colors bump against each other and the glass. Colors change season to season. Worn smooth from repetitive beating. Wash or laundry? Are they the same? The land and the clothes we wear? Dress up, dress down, pretend, dress for success.


Depending on the hour, day, or year, Kitty Joe Wash is a flood of deep reds, soft browns, blues, and grey green whites.  Not locked in time like a name sake long gone,

time transforms her.

The sound of the moving water goes from a roar to a subtle rush as it fills and empties the wash smoothing the helter skelter rocks. Winds swirl through the green dotted ochre canyon walls above the wash as the mesmerizing rotation of colors beat against each other behind the glass.

Strands of reds against darker greens with puffs of whites, purples and blues in the shadows. Crossing Kitty Joe signals the end or the beginning of another day's journey and another load.

© C.A. Klimek, 2016

I will often write a piece of poetry for an individual piece of art or a series. I’m often asked, “...which comes first, the art or the words?” Most of the time it is both. A single word starts forming the images in my head and as the sentences are constructed, so is the painting; they are not separate acts.

In 1998, I self published a limited edition, handmade book, Hallucinations from the Cage, a collection of poetry, art, and artist notes. For more information on art series and poetry, contact me directly at

Third Moon Studio. All images on this website are copyright protected.

contemporary abstract p a i n t e r

Images from "Hallucinations from the Cage."