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Most of my monotypes are more hybrids...a combination of a monoprint and a painting. I build a base with the monotype and then use it as one of the multiple layers of the painting. It is very rare that I leave the original monotype untouched.

I print primarily with a water soluble oil paint and then embellishes the final print with pastels, pencil and/or additional layers of oils. Each is an original...and one of a kind.

The terms monotype or monoprint are often used interchangeably and are confusing. The definition that I think best describes the end-product is "both (the monotype and monoprint meaning one) are non-editionable printed paintings."

Traditionally, with the monotype, there are no common elements between the "prints" produced, whereas, with a monoprint, you may have an element (a line, symbol, etc.) etched into the plate that remains common with every print pulled, even though the rest of the image is entirely different. 

A monoprint or monotype may be run through the press multiple times to build an layered image–in the end, producing a single image. Once the print is dry, the artist may also choose to embellish or paint on the print. 

Since I no longer have access to a press, I am exploring image transfers and various ways to "print" without using a traditional printing press.

Simply Told

Oil Monotype


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