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  • Transformation, 31"x42", 30+ layers of oil mixed media on canvas

  • JPP, 30"x40", oil mixed media on Canvas - SOLD

  • Envy, oil on canvas, 60"x42"

  • Tracks, Kitty Joe's Wash Series, oil on canvas, mixed media, 24"x48"

  • Three Peas in a Pod 2, Abstract Expressionism Series, oil on canvas, diptych, 2@ 36"x48"

  • More Color Abstract, oil on handmade paper, 26.75"x42", coated w/resin, framed

  • River Crossing, oil on paper, 28.5"x36", framed

  • Storytime, oil on canvas, 30"x30"

  • Lunch at the 66 Diner, oil on canvas, 30"x30"

  • Making it Through the Week, oil on board, 36"x24", coated w/resin

  • Three by Three, 35.5"x27.75", oil on board, includes handmade paper.

  • A Summer Day, mixed media oil on canvas, 60"x48"

  • Vanishing Point, oil on paper.

  • Blowing in the Wash, mixed media oil on board, 24"x36"

  • Grey Dove Lane, mixed media oil, 30"x30" framed

  • Grey Skies - Kitty Joe Series, mixed media oil on canvas, 18"x 36"

  • Hazy Days, Kitty Joe Series, mixed media oil on canvas, 18"x22"

  • Kitty Joes Wash -4, mixed media oil on canvas, 24"x36"

  • Kitty Joe Wash - 4, mixed media oil on canvas

  • Untitled, oil on board, coated with resin

  • Untitled oil on board, 41"x29", coated w/ five coats of resin

Color is built by applying 10 to 35 thin layers of oil on the panel, canvas or paper. Colors are allowed to bleed through in areas, with solid colors creating shifts; a putty knife is used to add or scrap off areas to reveal layers below. Marks and scratches are added to the surface with graphite, charcoal, oil pastels or oil crayons.

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